About me

I’m a Jane of All Trades. In addition to being a Whole30 coach, I am a mom of three, a wife, a real estate appraiser and a yoga instructor. I am a podcast lover, a weekly library patron, and a daily walker. I believe in keeping it simple, asking for support and trying your best.
I was introduced to Whole30 in May of 2015 by my functional medicine doctor. She was trying to help me heal my gut after Lyme Disease had me on antibiotics for over 6 months. After just 30 days of the program, 90% of my symptoms were gone, and I was a believer. Prior to the Whole 30, I was a vegan, so I slowly started adding back seafood, eggs, and meat into my diet so I could comply with the meal plans completely.
After completing my second round in September 2015, I found out I was pregnant with my third child. It felt like a miracle to conceive without even trying, as I needed fertility treatments with my first two children. Looking to navigate my new lifestyle while pregnant, I signed up for the Whole30 Healthy Mama, Happy Baby program. I had amazing support, felt fantastic for most of my pregnancy and had a healthy baby in July 2016.
To keep my eating on track while breastfeeding, I did my third round of Whole30 in September of 2016. I was blown away by all the support Whole30 provided, with the intent to support the reintroduction phase rest of our lives with the Food Freedom Forever book. The tenants of Whole 30 were part of my daily routine, so the month flew by and I found myself with another list of non-scale victories. My milk supply wasn’t impacted; my baby and I were completely satisfied with the nutritious food at every meal. I immediately read Food Freedom Forever, and have been practicing my food freedom, coaching others through Whole30 success, and spreading my love for this lifestyle ever since.